125. ¿Es Buena Idea Subastar Su Casa en Houston? – Lo que Si Debe hacer y lo que No Debe hacer…

¿Es Buena Idea Subastar Su Casa en Houston?
Vender su casa en Houston a través de una Subasta, puede ser una buena opción, si sigue los pasos de este artículo…
Vender su casa en una subasta en Houston es una práctica creciente en toda América, porque ofrece la oportunidad de vender su casa rápidamente, sin pagar los honorarios de un agente de bienes raíces, y a menudo le puede dejar ganancias.

Sin embargo, como en todas las cosas, pueden haber desventajas al subastar su casa, en lugar de venderla, a través del proceso tradicional de venta de Bienes Raíces, con un agente o a una empresa que invierta en Bienes Raíces como Compramos Casas Texas.

En este artículo nos vamos a sumergir en algunas de las cosas que se deben y no se deben hacer al subastar su casa en Houston y sus alrededores y también analizaremos la pregunta: “¿Es buena idea subastar su casa en Houston, Texas?” 

¿Es Buena Idea Subastar Su Casa en Houston?

Si usted está considerando subastar su casa en Houston, debe considerar que hay varios preparativos que debe hacer antes de que la subasta comience.

Lo que “Debe Hacer” 

  • Para poder subastar su casa, primero debe encontrar a un subastador en Houston. Hoy en día, hay muchas Empresas Subastadoras, así que debe investigar antes de elegir a una empresa que lo represente. Un lugar donde usted puede comenzar es en su guía telefónica local, o con referencias, o dirigirse al sitio web de la: “Asociación Nacional de Subastadores” y hacer una búsqueda rápida para encontrar subastadores locales del área de Texas. También, busque a los que tienen bastante experiencia, e incluso trate de asistir a una o dos subastas, solo para tener una idea de cómo funcionan las cosas.
  • Asegúrese de consultar las comisiones que cobran por sus servicios, ya que a veces pueden ser bastante altas. En algunos casos pueden llegar a cobrar hasta el 10% del precio de la casa, reduciendo enormemente la cantidad de ganancia que usted recibirá… a veces mucho menos. O si no desea contratar a un subastador… puede hacerlo usted mismo. Un buen subastador puede realmente ayudar a subir el precio de una casa con sus habilidades… sin embargo, usted mismo puede dirigir la subasta siempre y cuando entienda las reglas de la subasta con los ofertantes, el precio inicial de la oferta, si tienen que tener dinero en efectivo y un depósito en la subasta, etc.

    Look for those with plenty of experience, and even try attending an auction or two, just to get a feel for how they run things. Make sure to find out their fees that they charge for their services, as they can sometimes run quite high. In some instances they may take up to ten percent of the houses cost, greatly reducing the amount of profit that you will receive… sometimes much lower.Or heck, if you don’t want to hire an auctioneer… you can do it yourself. A good auctioneer can really help drive the price of a house up with their skill… but you can run the auction yourself as long as you’re clear about the rules of the auction with bidders, the starting bid price, whether they have to have cash and a deposit at the auction, etc.

  • Decide which kind of auction you want to run – Absolute or Reserve?Once you feel that you’ve selected the house auctioneering company in Houston that’s best for you, establish which kind of auction you want it to be, absolute or reserve.In absolute auctions there is no minimum limit that your house must earn in order to be sold. This means that whatever the highest bid may be, is what you’re going to get.Reserve auctions are those that have a minimum limit, and if it doesn’t reach that limit, it doesn’t get sold.Although it seems like a clear choice between the two, don’t assume that reserve auctions are necessarily better. Sometimes if bidders aren’t willing to reach the limit, it will never be sold and you’ll be sitting on a house that you don’t want.  Also, auctions that are “no reserve” (or absolute) tend to attract more potential bidders to the auction looking for a great deal… and if one of them gets wrapped up in the bidding frenzie… that could mean the difference between selling the house that day and not selling it.Think carefully about making a decision, and try to decide what it is that you want more. If you want to sell your house as quickly as possible in Houston, then doing an absolute auction is the quicker option. If not, then perhaps a reserve auction would be more in your goals.
  • Don’t leave out any faults about the house from your auction descriptionA really important step in selling your house at auction here in Houston is to list all the problems that your property has. Don’t leave out any faults about your house, because if you do the buyers have a right to come after you for any flaws that you didn’t list out before the auction.


  • Don’t go into an auction with fantasies of a bidding war erupting, leaving you with an enormous profit.Place a realistic price that you hope to earn, and don’t be too disappointed if your house sells for less than you think it’s worth.  You may have an emotional attachment to the house that the people bidding on the house don’t have.Auctioning your house in Houston may bring in less money than a real estate sale, but it is relatively quick, and can spare you the heartache and stress of the more traditional approach.

Why Are You Thinking About Auctioning Your Houston House Anyway?

You landed on this article for a reason… auctioning off your house has crossed your mind.

It may help you sell your house more quickly… so why not give it a go right?

Before you choose to auction off your local house… try another option first.

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Here’s another great read that we found when writing this article on some more tips and questions you should ask yourself before you auction off your house.

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