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How To Sell Your House Fast For Cash

Without agents, banks, repairs, cleaning, etc. you can sell your house quickly and easily because there are no middle-men. When you choose your closing date, you know with certainty what price you will receive and when you will receive it.


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Selling Your House: Janny’s Case Study

Hi! Meet Janny! She is 46 years old and works in Massachusetts.

One day, Amy inherited a house from her mom.

She was super stressed because she lived up north & her Mom’s house was in Daytona Beach, FL.

Amy started looking online for companies that could help buy her house for cash in the current condition.

She found Compramos Casas Texas!

After looking at their awesome website 😉 Amy decided to fill out the form to get a FREE CASH OFFER!

As soon as Jaimes saw Janny’s form submission, he gave her a call.

Rick answered all of Janny’s questions – and definitely lowered her stress levels 😌

⓵ “Should I work with a Realtor?” That depends, if you have money for repairs and 3-6 months to wait for the house to sell, then maybe. If you do not have time or money, selling your house now for cash might work better.

⓶ “How do I know you won’t scam me?” We are a reputable company who has been working in the Central Florida area for over 30 years. Check out our social media profiles and our reviews!

⓷ “Are you guys going to lowball me on the offer?” No, we don’t have time to lowball! We work too hard and drive too much to get all our offers turned down due to “Lowballing.” We play by the numbers. PERIOD.

Jaimes & Janny found a time to meet at the property so Amy could receive her CASH Offer.

I’ll show you our Offer Making Process below…

Offer Making Process to Buy Your House

We follow a simple formula to come up with our offers:

[Your Cash Offer = ARV – Repairs – Our Costs – Our Piece of the Pie]

ARV (After Repaired Value) – This is the value of the house after it has been completely repaired & comparable to other houses on the retail market

Repairs – The total cost of repairs on the house

Our Costs – Taxes, Utilities, Insurance (All the costs that you would normally have to pay!)

Our Piece of the Pie – This is our profit on the deal that allows us to feed ourselves

In our case study, Janny’s inherited house was worth (ARV) $135,000.

Repairs were $10,000 (very low because it had no roof, A/C, or bathroom/kitchen remodels).

Our Costs were $20,000.

And Our Piece of the Pie is $25,000.

LET’S DO THE MATH: $135,000 – $10,000 – $20,000 – $25,000 = $80,000 (AMY’S OFFER)

DEEPER DIVE: If Janny listed the property herself, the AS-IS value was $95,000. So after 6% Realtor Commissions ($5,700) and holding costs (Taxes, Insurance, Utilities, Mortgage, etc), she MIGHT be able to receive $89,300 after commission (& that’s not including her holding costs)!

Instead, Janny decided to go a different, easier route….

When Jaimes met Janny at her house, he presented Janny with her Cash Offer.

At first Amy thought it was a little low, but also realized that Rick was going to take care of everything!

Her favorite part? She was able to leave all the stuff in the house and an old, beat-up truck outside the house!

Amy decided to sell her house fast for cash – no cleaning, no realtor commissions, no repairs, no fees, & NO MORE HEADACHES.

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